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  • Circular Fresnel Lens

    Circular Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH2097-1 Installation:Ceiling mounted Installation Height:2.5m Detection Distance:diameter 6-8m Lens Size:diameter 19.6mm

  • PIR Fresnel Lens

    PIR Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH7801-1 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2m Detection Distance:8-10m Angle:80°-85° Lens Size:55*37mm

  • Curved Fresnel Lens

    Curved Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH7707-11 Installation:Wall mounted Detection Distance:8-10m Angle:100°-110° Lens Size:53.1*22.6mm

  • Custom Fresnel Lens

    Custom Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH7706-1 Detection Distance:30m Lens Size:69.2*49.6mm

  • Fresnel Lens China

    Fresnel Lens China

    Model:MH7704-1 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2m Detection Distance:10-12m Angle:100°-105° Lens Size:61.5*42.6mm

  • Fresnel Lens Design

    Fresnel Lens Design

    Model:MH7703-2 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2.1m Detection Distance:22-24m Angle:75°-80° Lens Size:54.8*36.5mm

  • Fresnel Lens Cheap

    Fresnel Lens Cheap

    Model:MH7601-5 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2.3m Detection Distance:25-27m Angle:100°-110° Lens Size:71*43mm

  • Fresnel Lens For Pir Sensor

    Fresnel Lens For Pir Sensor

    Model:MH3115-1 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2m Detection Distance:12-14m Angle:115°-120° Lens Size:69.5*50mm

  • High Quality Fresnel Lens

    High Quality Fresnel Lens

    Model:MH3024-9 Installation:Wall mounted Installation Height:2.2m Detection Distance:11-13m Angle:130°-135° Lens Size:75.6*27.6mm

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